What is Hair of the Dog?

What is Hair of the Dog?

A hangover has to be one of the worst feelings you can have following a few too many drinks. Your fun happy hour may leave you wracked with headaches, nausea and sickly dehydration. Who knew that the cure for an alcohol-induced hangover might be more alcohol? Here’s more information on Hair of the Dog.

What does hair of the dog mean? The phrase comes from the expression “hair of the dog that bit you,” meaning that the best cure for what ails you is more of it. In ancient times, putting the hair of the dog that bit you into the wound was thought to speed healing.

Hair of the Dog refers to drinks that contain a few key ingredients meant to restore you back to your energetic, drink-loving self. Egg is a popular choice to restore protein. Fruit and vegetable juice provide vitamins that alleviate your dehydration headaches. Some of these drinks have alcohols that are said to have medicinal qualities. Here are a few hair-of-the-dog drinks that will have you back on your feet!

Electric Current Fizz
Electric Current Fizz is a mix of lemon juice, seltzer, egg white and powdered sugar packing this cocktail with everything your body needs to rapidly get over your hangover. Lemon juice offers Vitamin Cwhile the egg white provides protein. Seltzer settles a turning stomach and powdered sugar gives this cocktail a lovely and gentle sweetness. This electric jolt will put you back on your feet in no time.

Fernet and Coke
Made simply with Fernet and coke, this a simple combination is easy to make. Fernet is an amaro made with spices, herbs and roots that helps to settle the stomach along with the soda. From Buenos Aires, Fernet is a classic tonic known to clear the head while easing the belly.

Fog Cutter
The Fog Cutter is a fun, tropical cocktail made with white rum, gin, brandy, amontillado sherry, lemon and orange juices and orgeat. The juices provide the vitamin C while adding to the tasty flavor. This drink is a known favorite but watch out! While restoring your body, all the alcohol in it may just about make you drunk all over again.

Bourbon Stout Flip
The Bourbon Stout Flip is a beer cocktail mixed with bourbon, stout, coffee liqueur, spiced rum and egg white. The egg mixed with the coffee liqueur and spiced rum gives it the flavor of an eggnog or milkshake. Beer is great for settling the stomach during a hangover while the egg white provides protein. This is quite the tasty remedy for combating your morning-after blues.

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary is a classic hangover-curing drink containing a spicy mix of vodka, tomato juice, old bay, pickle brine, lemon, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. Tomato juice provides the potassium and vitamin C, while the Tabasco sauce wakes up the system kicking you into gear. This drink is a cult classic that alcohol enthusiasts swear by to rid you of your hangover.

Silver Fizz
A cute little drink, the Silver Fizz is put together with London dry gin, club soda, egg white, lemon juice and superfine sugar. This drink has been around since before the 1890’s. Protein comes from the egg white while the club soda calms the stomach. You will enjoy chasing away your troubles with drink with its refreshing, citrusy flavor.

A drink as beautiful as its name, Michelada is a spicy cocktail mixed with Mexican lager, lime juice, Worcestershire, Clamato, hot sauce, Maggi seasoning and chili powder. With beer instead of vodka, this Bloody Mary-like drink has been described as delicious and “funky.” The zesty seasonings and hot sauce are the fire that you need to get you moving and set you straight again. Choose a smooth Mexican lager to make it all go down easy.

Champagne Pick-Me-Up
For classy drinkers who want to end the hangover blues, the lovely Champagne Pick-Me-Up is sure to do the trick. This simple mixture is made with champagne, brandy, fernet-branca, curacao and ice. The healing quality comes from the Fernet-Branca, an Italian herbal liquor known to quickly remedy the worst symptoms. The Atlantic states that this liquor has been curing ailments for over 100 years, reducing bloating and easing the stomach. This classy remedy will leave you feeling simply divine.

Hangovers are no joke when you are in the throes of excruciating pain. It is good to know that there are some delightfully tasty remedies to bring you upright again (though perhaps making you a bit more tipsy in the process). Just one or two of these drinks will get your day started just right!

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