About Us

Pronounce it

“Izyyk” is pronounced “eye-zic.” We create events like happy hours, dinners, and more for people aged forty and up to meet new people and make new friends.


The organization’s mission to enable new connections through fun, easy events at a stage of life that is often lonely as individuals experience empty nests, divorce / loss of partners, and caring for their own aging parents, accompanied by few opportunities for social activities.


The organization’s vision is that people over forty will easily organize fun events to meet new people locally and when traveling, creating friendships that will enhance the quality of their lives for years to come.

Our core values

Izyyk Social Club’s core values consist of the Friendly Five:

  1. Welcome and include everyone
  2. Enable empowering social connections
  3. Positive intentions drive decisions
  4. Problem-solve for the greater good
  5. Support and inspire communities

Our purpose

Belongingness is our purpose. We create belongingness with local social clubs that are friendly, welcoming, and warm to all event attendees.

Our promises

  1. Every person meets every person at every event.
  2. Membership pays for itself.
  3. We provide great experiences with fun people.