Types of Friends to Have – and to Avoid

Types of Friends to Have – and to Avoid

Friends are an important and necessary part of our everyday lives. It’s important to be particular with the types of friends you surround yourself with. It’s normal for our friends to disappoint us or let us down from time to time. However, if you notice predominantly negative traits ruling a friend’s personality, then you should consider that it may be time to make new friends. Here’s more info on types of friends to have – and to avoid.

Types of Friends You Don’t Need

1. The Freeloader

They’re arguably the least toxic of the negative company you could keep unless they take things overboard. Too often freeloaders are only concerned with looking out for number one. The best-case scenario is that they mooch off of you whenever you hang out. In the worst case scenario, they will call you to borrow money any time they see fit, adding in a guilt trip for extra measure.

2. The Critic

You know the one. They seem to have a God complex with the way that they’re constantly casting judgment on you….and everybody else who crosses their path. Positivity seems to be a foreign concept to this Debbie Downer.

3. The Conniving One

This type of friend is always talking about the other friends in the group and can almost seem like they’re playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You feel like you’re in a competition with the other friends in one second, but next thing you know you hear them talking badly about their other friends and can’t help but to think they’re talking badly about you to those same friends. They may even emotionally blackmail you, refusing to answer your calls or respond to texts whenever you aren’t able to drop everything and hang out with them on their terms.

4. The Envious One

True friends should be the first to congratulate you when things are going well in your life – like a promotion, your engagement, or your weight loss success. Unfortunately, some people become so focused on the negative aspects of their lives that they become envious of the good things happening in the lives of the people around them. There are different levels of envy that people can operate within; thus, there are different levels of toxicity you may find yourself in with a friend of this type.

The least toxic friend in this category is the one who at least makes an effort to be happy for you. Sure, you may be able to see through their fake smile and half-hearted congratulations, but at least they’re trying. It’s likely that this friend knows that the issue is with themselves, not you. The good news is that this type of friend will usually be receptive to having an honest talk about the issue.

The worst person in this category is the one who is so envious that they will sabotage your success. They don’t respect boundaries and will make it their business to create jealousy with your love interest or invite you to buffets when you’re on a diet. This type of toxicity you need to cut out of your life immediately!

5. The Center of the Universe

The chances are good that throughout your life journey, you’ve encountered several people who think the entire universe revolves around them. They don’t ever seem to reach out to you or care what’s going on in your life. Yet they’re the first person to run to you with any, and every, little problem that arises in their life. Allowing this type of person to stay in your inner circle can leave you feeling used and unworthy.

Friends You Need

Instead of surrounding yourself with negative, critical and conniving friends, you need to search out a better option. The more time you spend around a certain group of people, the more you pick up the habits of those people. Using that line of logic, it would stand to argue that you should surround yourself with positive, fun, easygoing people who enrich your life. You want and need friends who make life better, not more stressful.

Friends like these:

  • People who motivate and build you up.
  • Friends who are your biggest cheerleaders, making a point to show up at your events and brag about you to others.
  • People you have things in common with.
  • People who are there to listen to you. They’re a shoulder for you to cry on anytime you need it.

How to Make New Friends

Okay, so you know what type of friends you need in your life. But where do you find them and how do you reach out to them?

You have the opportunity to make friends just about anywhere you go. Consider searching out new friends when you go to events, concerts, or are spending time doing your favorite hobbies like horseback riding or working out. In fact, finding people who share the same interests is one of the surest ways to make positive friends who will stick around for a lifetime.

When reaching out to new people, remember to be approachable, smile and make eye contact. Don’t be scared to be the one to approach them and extend an invitation out for a night on the town. New sources of positivity are closer than you think; in fact, they may even be right around the corner!

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