Single and Lonely at 50: How to Restart Your Social Life

Single and Lonely at 50: How to Restart Your Social Life

If you are single and lonely at 50, you may be wondering how to restart your social life. While there are numerous ways to do this, it is important to choose the ones that most strongly appeal to you. Read on to learn how you can increase your circle of friends while having fun and creating meaningful relationships.

How to Make New Friends after 50

You’ve heard the old axiom that goes something like, “In order to have a friend, be a friend.” Those few words are as true today as ever. The problem is, many people don’t know how to jump out there and be a friend to someone they don’t even know.

If you feel awkward about meeting new people, start with a few friendly gestures. Look for someone you can hold the door for or let in line ahead of you at the grocery store, and give them a quick smile. Know a mom that can’t find a babysitter? Consider volunteering for a few hours once a month.

Maybe you know someone who recently lost their job. Just think of all the ways you can help out in this situation. Offer to help update their resume, cook dinner for them one night, or connect them to someone you know in the industry.

Another way to make new friends after 50 is to join a group whose interests match yours. For example, if you like to read, joining a book club is a great way to make new friends and broaden your horizons. Many brick and mortar bookstores offer book club meetings about once a month, making this a safe and interesting way to get to know new people. Or join a group for happy hour or dinner and a movie. You will find it true that the more you look for opportunities, the more they present themselves to you.

Your Social Life after 50

If your social life is dead or dying, realize that you can bring it back to life again. If you’ve never really had a social life, it’s not too late to begin developing one. No matter what interests you have, there are likely groups in your area that meet up to do what it is you do like to do. Seek them out! Here are some ideas:

Take or give cooking classes at the local community college.
• Take or give computer classes at the local library.
• Learn or watch kite surfing if you’re in a coastal community.
Volunteer for an organization to which you feel connected.
• If you’re funny, join the local stand-up community or take an improv class and make others laugh.
• Become active in a local religious or spiritual organization.

Your social life after 50 can be whatever you want it to be. You may want to try several different activities to find out what really appeals to you. Then you can cut back and cultivate friendships based on shared interests.

Sometimes, you connect with others because you’re going through the same or similar circumstances as they are. If you have been thinking of joining a support group to cope with certain life situations, you could end up finding lifelong friends instead of just support.

You are likely to feel much less lonely when you meet others who share your experience. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are battling cancer, or going through a divorce, there are groups of people who come together to support one another. If this is old hat to you, consider leading a support group.

Restart Your Social Life After a Move

Maybe you’re restarting your social life after a move. While this can be especially challenging, it can also be invigorating. Get to know your new city or town, and look for groups of people that enjoy the things that you do.

Better yet, be willing to try something new, and see where this experience carries you. Just being willing to try new things can lead to some wonderful friendships you’ll have for the rest of your life.

You can learn a lot about your new locale by visiting the website of the city you are moving to. Most municipalities maintain websites that tell you everything from how and where to pay your utility bills to information about upcoming festivals. You can also do a Google search by typing in the name of your city and the word “activities” or the phrase “things to do.” You will likely be presented with a plethora of ideas.

The most important thing is to be willing to put yourself out there, even if you’re uncomfortable at first. There’s no reason for anyone to be alone and lonely when there are so many options to make new friends. Take a chance at trying new things and getting to know new people who you may have never sought out in the past. You will thank yourself later.

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