Meet People in Your Area

Meet People in Your Area

Ditch Social Media! Grab a Happy Hour to Meet People in Your Area

Do you want to meet new people, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to just chill out and have a couple casual conversations over cocktails? Do you want something to just break the routine you’re stuck in?

Trying to make friends is a weird concept. It sounds like something a kid in fourth grade would be concerned about, not an adult. The truth is though, many of us do not have the social lives we desire anymore.

Maybe you are new in the city. Maybe you work alone and never get out. Maybe you are recently divorced, and have suddenly realized your friend group has significantly shrunk.

It’s cool. We’ve got you. With the happy hour finder app from Just Happy Hours, you can meet other like-minded people who are looking to just have a drink and hang out.

Social Media Won’t Help You Make Real Friends.

You’re on social media: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and maybe more. You even have a bunch of friends who follow you.

Social media is great for a number of things. You can look at photos of everyone from your high school. You can keep up with who is getting married and having kids. And yeah, you can get little “Happy Birthday” messages from people you haven’t seen in years.

But how many times do you make NEW authentic friendships on social media?

Almost never.

It’s because real friendships are formed in the REAL WORLD. Social media will make you sit behind a screen for hours and hours, looking at pictures and occasionally sending comments. It can actually make you more lonely.

Meet People in Your Area

You’re as young as you’re ever going to be. You should be meeting new people and enjoying your life. You need to get out of the house!

You need a happy hour.

The Just Happy Hours app will help you meet people in your area. You can either create a happy hour event in your area, or RSVP to an event someone else has made. Then, you simply meet up at a local bar or restaurant.

The happy hour app is made to get you out of the house and at a happy hour. You don’t have to spend hours and hours messaging other users. You don’t have to stress about how you are going to meet others. You simply make or find a happy hour, and go.

4 Reasons to Use the Just Happy Hours App

1. There’s no expectations. This isn’t a dating app. You don’t have to have your guard up, or be nervous.

2. There’s minimal planning. You don’t have to stress about what to do. The answer is in the name. Simply pick a restaurant or bar, or join someone else’s event.

3. You can meet people in your area. Whether you’re travelin, or in your hometown, you can meet people where you are right now.

4. Happy hours are the best! Go out and grab a drink with new friends. You’re going to have an amazing time.

Are you ready to get out of the house and have fun? Then download the Just Happy Hours app and meet some new friends.

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